Long Shot, Truth Hot

There’s much to love about “Long Shot”, directed by Jonathan Levine, also known for two of my positive feel good flicks, “Snatched” and “The Wackness” (a perfect take-your-teen-to-teach-him-about-sex movies, no joke, it’s perfect). Here Levine, gets physical once again, this time grown up 2019 style with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen comingling.

While midway, the movie veered a little too close in plot to “Bullworth” (loved that Warren Beatty/Halle Barry movie), the screenwriters pulled it out (no pun intended, but enjoy it) during the second half to show something not only original and close at heart to Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules in “Speak Your Truth” and good things will come your way. And breaking news, it also gave a plug for bi-partisan unity. Can I get an AMEN!!!!!!!!!

And bombshell! Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah helped write a subtle presidential lampoon which is so much better looking than in your face vindictiveness. So good on ya for that as well.

I bought the Theron/Rogen chemistry having an affinity (and former relationship with a bookish Jewish man with facial hair). I’m definitely not saying I’m any Theron, or that I was even in anyway better than him, but instead, that smart, intellectual let-it-all-hang-out men are organically sexy.

Bravo to the minor character actors as well, love O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (thanks to him or the screen writer for making me look up the ‘new’ music of Dram ‘Broccoli’, hey I’m here to learn people), love June Diane Raphael (except for her three names) and Ravi Patel. Alexander Skarsgard, (who I had neglected to mention in my recent “Aftermath” review is a Golden Globe winner for Big Little Lies) lets himself play a silly droll Canadian Prime Minister (well played A.S.!) All of the aforementioned, along with Bob Odenkirk (who I liked more raw pre Better Call Saul stardom) helped round out a very talented ensemble.

The message of dare to be your true self is an apropos one today and one I feel better and better about employing.

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