Mustang; Classic Car, Even Better Movie

“Mustang” is a compelling film written and directed by Deniz Gamze Ergurven that garnered several film festival awards. To the Oscar judges, “Mustang” must have produced a 12 Angry (white) Men conundrum before said group finally decided on “Son of Saul” as the victor.

If I had a daughter, and she was over 16, this would be mandatory viewing simply as an inspiration to feminine empowerment.

My movie companion is your typical American, unaware that in many parts of the world, (including Turkey where this movie is set) arranged marriages and archaic misogynistic child rearing is still alive and well. And that is not a slam against my friend, it’s just a first world myopia that occurs when one has complete freedom.

All five the sister siblings’ acting was on point. Gunes Sesoy who plays the youngest daughter and from whose viewpoint the movie is told, won a very deserving best actress award in several film festivals. The villainous Uncle and Grandma, torn between old school customs and wanting his niece/her grand daughters to be safe and happy, were also spot on.

This was a film that had me riveted and rooting for the girls to escape their depressing fate.

This must see movie may still be available at art house theaters near you. In lowly Rochester, we just received the movie this week. Better late than never; go see this film!

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