Happy Christmas Justified

Looking out my window in Upstate New York this morning, my car window was covered with snow. I lost the opportunity, though contemplated it, of writing in the snow: Spring break ends?

Hence, I was justified in watching Joe Swanberg’s “Happy Christmas” who I found out about via Marc Maron’s podcast. While I enjoyed hearing Swanberg talk, and while I was mildly entertained by the film, I can’t recommend it. The conflict was just too flimsy and never came to a head. Akin to the first game of the Final Four game last night, just wayward and sloppy (Duke and Michigan) instead of taut and exciting (Wisconsin and Kentucky).

In need of keeping it positive (it’s Sunday before work, come on!), here’s what I did like:
Melanie Lynskey is more than a one trick pony (aka the nut job on Two and a Half Men) and who knew she hid her New Zealand accent for all those years!
Anna Kendrick is a real actress in spite of the fact that she annoys me occasionally.
Lena Dunham is always fun to watch.
Both male leads were very credible: Joe Swanberg, Mark Webber.
The movie ended realistically with….oops, no spoilers. Now you have to watch it:)

Two and a Half

By Goldie

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