And I thought the only “Gilda” was Radner

Ok, so maybe I’m not a film noir connoisseur. I had never heard of Gilda, but then again, I’m not a heterosexual male either. But wowee, Rita Hayworth certainly had pizzazz.

While the movie plot was pretty implausible (at least in 2020), I definitely felt the charisma between Glenn Ford (too boyish for me, give me Humphrey Bogart or Fred Mac Murray anyday) and Rita. Not to mention the sultry George Macready, who possessed a je ne sais quoi, and whose cheek scar was a real deal. Note to those afraid of Covid, his cheek scar happened due to a car crash where the closest doctor was a veterinarian AND he contracted Scarlet Fever since the vet hadn’t cleaned his animal utensils. hashtag: #wewillsurvivieaslongaspeoplestaycalm.

Glenn Ford, who I really didn’t know that well, won the Golden Globe for another oldie I’ll have to catch by Capra, “Pocketful of Miracles”.

Worth watching just to covet Rita’s lustrous locks, voice and body and for just a fun walk down memory lane.

With Regal closing, this may be are only ticket to ‘new’ films, films that are simply ‘new’ to us.

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