All Hail the King, as in Scott, writer of Frances Ferguson

I’m a new fan of Scott King who was originally praised by Sundance back in 1999 for a film called Treasure Island. Although that film was a drama, it still managed to star Nick Offerman, who I am assuming is a friend, as Offerman narrates in his signature deadpan style Frances Ferguson released in 2020.
I loved this film, directed by mumblecore specialist Bob Byington, for its outrageous satire, stretching to such an extreme that I haven’t seen since the old Will Farrel movies. The film also provided me with a new perspective on ‘scandals’ some of which really aren’t insidious more, just a boil down to human’s colliding with a stupid mistake. Sure, there’s the potential for harm in what Frances did (no spoilers) and I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t relish in shaming someone who had done similar. Yet after surviving Covid and what seems to be it’s ugly twin, the cancel culture, I now think nihilistically, like ‘WHO GIVES A DAMN, really?” Life is a cabaret, my friend, c’est la vie, insert whatever yolo device here of your liking.
The acting is supreme, from the lead, who helped write the story, Kaley Wheles who is flawless as the uber acrid guilty party to Martin Starr who helps bookend the movie with hope. Others of note were her husband, a Casey affleck look alike (IMO), Keith Poulson, her mother, Jennifer Prediger.
Please see this film, especially if you’re in a stormy mood and just need a wtf moment. You’ll laugh, I promise.

By Goldie

Aspiring writer who has retired from the institution of education. Have loved my career (and was thrilled to teach the Common Core, which should not be thrown out due to public misinformation and paranoia) but am embarking on my own creative adventure, while the juices are still flowing.

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