Podcast #2? The Roxanne Show, now I’m Sally Fields! You like me!

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Email: irun2eatpizza@hotmail.com

You’re a brave person if you’d like to listen to me speak about film. I always wanted a raspy, sultry voice like Kathleen Turner, but instead I have your typical Rochester twang.

At any rate, I was THRILLED to be asked to sit in on a film discussion podcast by my favorite theater in Rochester, The Little
The link is pasted here and if it fails to work, head straight to The Little Theater page and look for the episode that says Golden Burrito.

After doing the podcast, I was enthralled and would love to have my own. If you’re independently wealthy and would like to co own and finance one, I’m in!

6/2016 Postscript: Scott Pukos was nice enough to have me on one last time before moving to Florida.



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