Craig Johnson & Ej Manuel, any relation?

I saw Skeleton Twins at an almost empty theater on a freakishly gorgeous Sunday for Rochester, New York. The Bills were going down to the Texans during my film immersion and I wondered after if Craig Johnson, co-writer of Skeleton Twins was fall guy for the oddly paced first half of the movie. I tend not to think it was Mark Heyman’s fault since I loved Black Swan (and normally am not enamored by melodramatic girlie conflicts).

Yet the world may never know. Be that as it may, I thought all four of the lead performances were rock solid-Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell. But I can’t get over the fact that the movie could have been great, rather than ‘ok’ up until the second half when the train finally leaves the station. I wish I had been able to help edit and set a metronome to the first half, to simply get a beat going.

The lip syncing to Starship’s “Nothing’s Going to Stop us Now” was a highlight as was Luke Wilson in the same scene appearing and then disappearing, unable to compete with the bond between brother and sister. Children of highly dysfunctional parents will appreciate this film, as will anyone who misses the old days of Hader and Wiig on SNL.

And while EJ needs to sit a game out, let’s give CJ another writing chance to throw for a touchdown.