Oh Ma Darlin, Oh Ma Darlin, Clement (ine)


“People. Places, Things” (James Strouse) was a pinch your cheek adorable and I fully acknowledge my bias for Jemaine Clement, probably best known for Flight of the Conchords.

For various reasons, most close to me is having a 22 year old son, I often have my emasculating radar up and “PPT” certainly promotes female dominated relationships with men simply following the ‘rules’ or suffering the consequences. I write this with mixed feelings since doing stand up comedy this summer, I fully realize that sexism swings both ways.

According to this movie, it’s ok for a woman to be unfaithful and even be pregnant with anther man’s child, but it wasn’t ok for a separated man trying to get on with his life to be confused about the next woman he may want to date. do women have stronger emotional highs and lows for the most part? Yes. But that doesn’t make it ok for women to destroy men’s feelings and simply use the mixed up emotionally as an excuse. If women don’t want to be the weaker sex, we need to act like grown ups, which means owning up to mistakes and treating men humanely.

That being said, “PPT” had sweet moments of Clement attempting the single father routine with twin girls that were genuine and not at all run of the mill cliche.

“People, Places, Things” is worth a rental to be sure.