Romantic Chemistry in a Comedy Award

If the Oscars had a sense of humor and offered comedy awards, and if they were as specific as
BEST ROMANTIC CHEMISTRY, the nominees this year might be:

Amy Schumer/Bill Hader in Trainwreck
Melissa McCarthy/Jude Law in Spy
Amy Poehler/Ike Barinholtz in Sisters
(and sorry The Martian and Joy, neither of you are bleeping comedies no matter what Golden Globes say).
and so, as I don my faux evening gown/Sunday leggings, I would announce,
The TWICE Baked winner goes to:
Amy Poehler and Ike (could you change your name please?)

I saw Sisters last night at a discount theater (sold out by the way) and liked it much more than I thought. Sisters had the anti-Anomalisa bump meaning, panned by most critics, my bar was set pretty low. What a nice surprise to not only find sweet romantic chemistry between Amy and Ike, but possibly more funny lines per pixel than any other comedy this year. Now do a thousand one liners make a great film? Nah, but it certainly means a lot to someone in need of pure belly laughs.

And please, someone, preferably an apt Hispanic screenwriter, give John Leguizamo an Oscar caliber script?! In Sisters, I would watch his work in a loop for 24 hours before I stopped my awe. This guy is hysterically funny and can be great in serious roles (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet), but he needs and deserves his own leading role. Come on Gary Soto or Sandra Cisneros; you’re both capable!.

See Sisters, but not with any children around. This is a very adult (and fun!John Leguizamo) film.