French Movie: misogyne….for shame “Elle”

If my blog could be a live feed, which I’m sure might be possible on Facebook (which I loathe, which I consult begrudgingly once a week), we would learn together the name and sex of the writer and director of “Elle”, possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in years.

So here we go. I did not look at specifics beforehand and was a little too wind blown and distracted from my walk to ‘le cinema’ that I didn’t have the presence to memorize credits….drum roll….

First in our twitchy internet age, let me interrupt this search with a distraction just now: Rotten Tomatoes popped up, and can you believe the host of idiotic critics that scored this as an 89%? May I quote McEnroe here and say, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

So, ok, thanks to IMDB, three dudes wrote this, and I justify using the pejorative dudes because this movie was extremely misogynistic. And the fact that Isabelle Huppert won an award for this film really frosts my onions, or as her character might suggest, ‘hit me again lover!’

The plot of this film is so overdone with stupid detail, combined with Huppert’s ‘protagonist, or should I say ‘masochist’, making THE most stupid decisions since the last horror flick you saw when some ditzy millenial says, “I’ll be right back, just let me check the basement”.

What I gleaned from this: video games lead to violent behavior, video games lead to callous women who delve way into s&m, major bi-polar issues are cleared up overnight with a windfall of insurance money, friendships can be repaired after adultery by suggesting cohabitation. I shake my head and wonder, are French people this cruel and cavalier?