Music to My Ears

Another off film topic that I love–music!

My son’s visiting this weekend inspired me to GET HIP and listen to Ben Ratliff’s Best Albums of 2016
which I reordered from his article into my best to worst:

The first three are pretty much a tie and far above the rest (though Chance the Rapper? why can’t I preview your work?). All three of these are inventive, uppers, at least in total! Song titles are listed after the colon for those of you who want to let your fingers do the dancing over to Itunes.

Blood Orange, Freetown Sound: Chance, Hadron Collider and Thank You
Bon Iver, 22, A Million: 22 Over Soooon rocks, 33 God “I’d be so happy if you stayed for tea”, such a pinch your cheek cute lyric.
Beyonce, Lemonade: You’re angry, but I’ve been there.

Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book? Tried to find it on I-tunes, saw you live on SNL and know you’ve got game.
Solange, A Seat at the Table: Literally, you’re soulful.
Laura Mvula, The Dreaming Room: Overcome, Bread
Mitski, Puberty 2: Happiness, not bad!
Cass McConmb, Mangy Love: Honorable mention for the title and the song Opposite House.
Cate LeBon, Crab Day: Pepi Le___ fill in the blank.
Elder Ones, Holy Science. I say Holy Florence and the Machine.

He also mentioned Ahnoni which I previewed and thought, like he did, an original sound, especially liked 4 Degrees.