A Worthy Contemplative Afternoon: The Chambermid

I can’t imagine being first time full length film director Lila Aviles, when she realized The Chambermaid was in competition with Roma. Both movies follow the life of a servant; the former domestic, the latter, hotel. A tennis analogy might be best: like Coco playing Venus this year, yet with the opposite ending result. As you all know Cuaron’s Roma TKO’d any chance of The Chambermaid even making the radar.

Now, reality check: The Chambermaid isn’t Roma, BUT is worthy of a contemplative hour and 45 minute seating. Aviles took a beautifully quiet look at a hotel housekeeper’s daily existence. The film’s narrative line is simple, yet the complexity of Gabriel Cartol’s lead performance was stunning.

Anyone that has worked a menial or underappreciated job will appreciate the frustrating workplace dynamics where schmoozers who blow their own horn sometimes get ahead of quiet hardworking people. The actress Teresa Sanchez did a fantastic job playing that brown noser we’ve all met.

In addition the filmmaker’s symbolism of red and white shown in parallel construction was also striking.
Summary: An Important Seating With Another’s Humanity

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