Richard Jenkins bonus The Hollars and My Top Ten Revised AGAIN

I decided to watch a bonus movie with Richard Jenkins after really enjoying his role in The Shape of Water. So I chose the semi-recent The Hollars, written and directed by the guy from The Office (John K.). Yes, I’m a lazy blogger for not looking up the spelling of his name, but to be honest, to my son’s chagrin as well as The Office cult army, I was never thrilled with that mean spirited show, nor was I that impressed with The Hollars.

Richard Jenkins plays the husband to a woman stricken with a brain tumor, and though the film started out with great unique promise, it devolved into a glorified music video (music from Josh Ritter for the most part). Sadly, I liked the music better than the actual script (as well as Richard Jenkins role) which turned into a Hallmark movie (and character) of the week.

The best acting I witnessed in the film was by an actor I hadn’t seen before: and whoa! YES, I HAVE! Sharlto Copley was the guy I thought I hadn’t taken notice of, but indeed I did! And then some as the hero of District 9, a fantastic foreign sci fi film. Nice to see you again Sharlto Copley and glad to know you’re a fellow Sagitarian creative type, born one decade and one day after me. I’m cocky since I did open mic comedy last night and didn’t totally choke.

Top Ten Update

Well, out goes Greatest Showman, in goes I, Tonya (previously reviewed) and who knows? Stronger might be at risk after I see see Phantom Thread Saturday evening. And then even Columbus, once Call Me By Your Name. Stay tuned.

10. I, Tonya, made me feel tough and grateful to have made it out of a one horse town.
9. Stronger, realistic couple strife.
8. The Big Sick. Well written, love Holly Hunter and Ray Romano.
7. Columbus, meditative, gorgeous.
6. Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey deserves something, for God’s sakes!
5. The Shape of Water, 4 great actors (Hawkins, Shannon, Jenkins, Spencer) and a whale, I mean, sea creature of a tale!
4. The Square, so unique!
3. Lady Bird: Saoirse for Best Actress, Metcalf for Best Supporting.
2. The Disaster Artist (a neck and neck race for number 1). Franco deserves an award.
1. The Florida Project. Please. Give Willem the Award. And Sean Baker, too!

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