Parkland, Better Than Jackie. Reviewers, what gives?

Ok, I realize stylistically Jackie is superior to Parkland. But being a Terrence Malick wannabe, is that really better than story? I want to walk away from a film feeling like I learned something new as I did with Parkland, and not bludgeoned with gore porn as I did with Jackie.

And I promise I will look up the ‘experts’ opinions on Parkland (and will decide if it was justifiable in making me avoid it at the box office).

But come on! Who doesn’t want to see Paul Giamatti be Zapruder, Billy Bob Thornton as Forrest Sorrels and Marcia Gay Harden as Nurse Doris Nelson (sad side note, think she’s gotten typecast as nurse now in some lame weekly tv drama)?

And extra credit goes to the actor James Badge Dale (please change your name bro) who stood out among the stars in his moments as Bob Oswald, Lee Harvey’s justifiably angry brother. His scenes truly made the movie in my book. The actress, Jacki Weaver (you son of a gun! I didn’t even recognize you!) who played Lee Harvey’s mom was also terrific, but in an almost Bette Davis Whatever Happened to Baby Jane can she be that crazy comic way.

Great storytelling and directing by Peter Landesman who also wrote Kill the Messenger an even greater film. Definitely seek Parkland out at your local library or Netflix.

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