Oscar Comments and New Domain Name Coming Soon

The comment I like best about the best picture Oscar going to Birdman is, “it’s a shallow movie attempting to be deep.’ And as stated in my blog on Birdman, the movie could have been a triumph for Michael Keaton, surely an aging man (or woman) in crisis is worthy of dramatic rendering. But, instead, we had to be fed Action Flick pyrotechnics in order to entice the dullards to the theater, too.

And I’ll reiterate my favorite movie of the year (for MILES TELLER, not JK Simmons): Whiplash. Can we stop giving the Oscar to the guy who played the biggest dirtbag (for ex. Javier Barden in No Country for Old Men, instead of Tommy Lee, Josh Brolin, Woody Harreson; the good guys, you know?? What does that say about what our culture values?

My new domain name coming soon is getroxy.xyz, much simpler AND if the technology Gods are with me, I’ll sign up for mail chimp, so that you can subscribe and get my reviews once a week.

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