Let’s Talk About Sex: Amorous from 2014

Trying to get my Josh O’Connor (“Emma’ “The Crown” “Hope Gap”) fix, I happened upon a freebie via Tubi from 2014 called Amourous (also known as Hide & Seek according to IMDB) directed (and co written) by Joanna Coates. The other writer is Daniel Metz. Curiously, neither has done anything since Amorous, leading me to believe there’s an investigative podcast and Netflix special just waiting to happen.

So what’s it all about Alfie? Well, first, my name’s Roxanne (insert your hilarity). The movie is quite interesting: two couples go to a remote English cottage and set up a nightly rotational schedule of: entertainment and then sleeping arrangements.

If you can handle sex of both hetero and homo, the movie is very entertaining. The nudity and sex are not gratuitous and tastefully done (akin to Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

I really don’t buy the log line that four ‘fragile’ young people get together. None of these folks seemed vulnerable. Not one of them balked at nude drawings or sex with a different partner every night. If anything, the most fragile character was the fifth wheel interloper.

The four ‘stars’ are Josh O’Connor, Hannah Arterton, and Rea Mole and Danile Metz (the latter two disappeared into the same abyss as the director and writer). Joe Banks (the fifth wheel who may have had the most acting range displayed) also, gonzo. Covid-19?

Anyway, if you’re alone and without a partner, but need some titillation, this is tasteful fare.

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