Last The Little Theater Movie Podcast Notes

God willing, I’m moving to Florida in July. My blog will go on, but I’ll probably never get another podcast opportunity. If you can’t find the link on The Little Theater website, here are my notes I’ll be chiming in with this afternoon:

Highlights of The Little 5/19/16
I first knew The Little solely through music in the café. A musician boyfriend at the time and I would go see Bob Schneider every Friday night. Joe Romano, a renowned sax player from Buffalo gave the café a Sinatra like swagger as he drank his red wine and wowed the crowd. Watkins and the Rapiers and The White hots have also been among my highlights. I’ve even written novels in the café!
Movie wise, THE highlight of my life was coming to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Rochester premiere of Flawless in 1999. My friend and co-worker Alice Berlinski knows Marilyn Hoffman so we were able to participate in the post movie champagne reception. Not only did his performance of a trans performer so well done, but to see him in person was a thrill, a sad note now of course, but definitely the highlight of my time at the Little.
Other movie highlights:
Parental epiphany after seeing Ben Kingsley and Josh Peck in 2008. The movie was such a revelation in being a sex ed tool without any awkward conversation starter needed! The basic premise to young men is that women can be deceitful and watch your heart even if you’re thinking with another part of your anatomy.
I’ve had a couple of movie experiences that I just didn’t want to end. Like The Reader with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes also in 2008, even the score (by The Creation they’re called) was also so gorgeous, I stayed until the sweepers came through.
Linklater’s trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight crackled with the best dialogue. As much as the third made Delphy out to be a shrew and Hawke a cuckold, just listening to the lyricism of the couples’ banter was a thrill.
Recently, my best surprise memory was The Bronze…I thought it would be trashy, but the story of the Tanya Hardingesque gymnast was hystericalIy funny-it was great cinema therapy in the hellishly cold Spring we had. Melissa Rauch saved me from seasonal affective disorder. I understand now why some like heavy metal..The Bronze was that angry raunchy, funny flick that gets you passed a bad day

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