Excuse Me, Golden Globes Judges, May I Have a Word?

I don’t swear as much now that I live in Florida. Something about not having to scrape ice or shovel snow takes the f bomb right out of me.

HOWEVER, I am a bit ticked at the morons who chose Three Billboards as best screenplay. Are you F’n kidding me? There is NO WAY this violent, downer of a movie was in anyway shape or form, better than The Shape of Water Or probably Call Me By Your Name which I haven’t seen yet. Even Dunkirk would have been a more noble choice. LUDICROUS!

I also only slightly forgive you for choosing Sam Rockwell over Wiilem Dafoe. The only reason I accept this, is that Sam Rockwell has done some incredible acting in other films (two notably) Moon and Conviction. If it had not been for that, swearing would have been essential.

All I can say is, come on Screen Actors Guild and the Academy, let’s get the screenplay award straight, and it ‘ain’t’ Three Billboards.

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