Birbiglia and Gethard, equally irresistible

“Don’t Think Twice” is an amiable rom com that I wouldn’t say you need to run out to see, but because I love Mike Birbiglia and thought his one man show “Thank God for Jokes” in NYC was genius, I have to promote this movie. Chris Gethard is also equally charming in a vulnerable, boy-needs-a-hug way.

*Addendum 9/9/16: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Keegan-Michael Key. I do really like him as a comedian, and while he’s almost believable in this dramatic role, he’s a touch too affected. His comedic talent might overshadow his ability to be taken seriously, much like Louis CK in Trumbo.

This movie actually might be a good training manual for some (6 to be exact) of the Sarasota gentlemen (platonic, this is not a kiss and tell) I’ve met since moving here who do not seem to understand the balance of a male female conversation, nor have they obviously ever heard Shakespeare’s ‘brevity is the soul of wit’. I don’t need a 20 minute sermon on Plato’s Republic and then a measly fill in the blank question for the ‘my ideas’ portion of the discussion.

Don’t misinterpret and think that I am a misandrist, rather the men in Don’t Think Twice are excellent models for listening AND speaking, note the two verbs, but I digress…

What’s wrong with this movie is the millennial mistake of, ‘if we’re all just goofy and playful isn’t that cute to everyone?’ Ugh, no. Improv can be funny, on a highly skilled level (Whose Line Is It Anyway, for example) yet in the film’s case it’s Improv that’s reaching too much or perhaps rehearsed improv (which isn’t improv) isn’t that funny. Though a smart ass director would say, “that’s the point, these guys aren’t suppose to be funny”. Oh, I see…

The female characters, except for Tami Sagher were annoying in a cloying, “I get to be wimpy and emotionally unstable because I’m a girl” stereotype.

Again, not a horrible movie. I was nearly touched by the poignant moments, yet wasn’t deeply moved due to the self-entitled silliness of 85% of the improv group.

Or perhaps I’m just grouchy that Nadal was beaten by a young French guy.:)

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