A Stunning End to Meandering Gymnast Floor Event: “Call Me By Your Name”

I know I choose strange analogies, but go with this quirky mind for a minute or two.

Imagine watching a gymnast begin the floor exercise, wander all over the mat in fits and starts, yet end on the most gorgeous on point performance…it’s tough not to score it highly because the finale was so damn good. That, my friends, is Call Me By Your Name directed by Luca Guadagnino who directed on of my favorite films of 2015, A Bigger Splash!

And I can take meandering given such a gorgeous setting as Italy, lush apricots, sensuous sculptures, and a hip 80’s soundtrack. Musically speaking I was also introduced to someone new (to me) Sufjan Stevens, an eclectic muti-genre singer and musician whose songs are haunting and gorgeous. Think a combo of Cat Stevens/Simon&Garfunkel/Brian Wilson…and one “Mystery of Love” nominated for this year’s Oscar.

Call Me By Your Name maybe one of the first mainstream movies (besides obviously last years Oscar winner “Moonlight”) to tackle gay romance dynamics. I find this both refreshing and intriguing.

Performances were all spot on, with special shout outs to Armie Hammer (a Tom Bradyesque pretty man), Timothy Chalamet (equally good in Lady Bird) and maybe the scene stealer of the film, Micahel Stuhlbarg, who got tortureed (in his role, not in real life) in The Shape of Water. The latter of these two gents are certainly landing the roles this year as I see Chalamet is also in The Hostiles, which I also want to see. And speaking of landing, this movie stuck the landing to go back to my gymnast analogy. Bravo!

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